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Flexible working hours are more important to Swiss employees than flexible working location

21.4.2021 11:38

More than 8 out of 10 Swiss employees want flexibility in terms of working hours, which is significantly above the global average of all countries surveyed. On the other hand, only one in ten Swiss respondents dream of a complete remote office - which is significantly below the international average. In addition, sustainability and diversity in the workplace are becoming increasingly important. This is shown by the international job market study Global Talent Study, which was conducted in cooperation between Boston Consulting Group, The Network and JobCloud ( / 

As part of the Global Talent Study 2020, the working habits and needs of employees in 190 countries were analysed and compared. Thanks to a cooperation with JobCloud, the leading Swiss company in the job market, it was also possible to take a closer look at Switzerland.

One third of Swiss respondents would like fully flexible working hours

When it comes to working hours, people in Switzerland are particularly demanding: a full 84% would like to be able to benefit at least partially from flexible working hours. Globally, "only" 64% have this wish. 31% of all respondents in Switzerland would even appreciate complete flexibility, which is 10% more than the global average. In contrast, only 16% in Switzerland prefer fixed working hours (36% globally). "Flexible working time models are already established in Switzerland, but employers' willingness to do so still needs to increase significantly. This requires precise planning and a healthy dose of trust in employees. Flexible working hours also offer an opportunity for employees to be active when they are most productive and creative," says Davide Villa, CEO of JobCloud.

Every eleventh person no longer wants to return to the office

Flexible working location is also increasingly becoming an issue, not least due to the COVID 19 crisis. For the future, more than half of the respondents in Switzerland would like to have the option of 2 to 3 days of "remote work" per week. "Remote work does not necessarily have to take place at home. If the conditions are right, employers should also consider allowing employees to work in a coworking space, a holiday home or a quiet café. This can significantly increase employee motivation," explains Daniel Kessler, Head of Switzerland at the Boston Consulting Group

However, when it comes to full remote work, Swiss employees - just like in almost all other industrialized countries - are more conservative than the global average. While a quarter of respondents worldwide can imagine working exclusively remotely, only 9% in Switzerland can. In contrast, 14% of Swiss respondents do not require the option of remote work, compared to 11% globally. In developing countries such as the Philippines or in many African countries, more than 40% of respondents could be enthusiastic about full mobile-flexible working.

Relationship with the team is most important to employees

The fact that most employees in Switzerland would like to return to the office, at least to some extent, is also confirmed by the fact that in the Global Talent Study, the relationship with work colleagues is seen as the most important value in the job. In second place on the wish list is an appropriate work-life balance, which in turn corresponds to the desire for great flexibility in working hours. In third place is a good relationship with the supervisor.

Lack of climate protection and tolerance as a reason not to work for an employer

The Global Talent Study also looked at employees' expectations of employers and the workplace. This clearly shows that climate protection and sustainability have become more important in the last year, as 7 out of 10 respondents confirm. A good 51% of people worldwide and 53% of Swiss respondents would not want to work for an employer that does not meet their expectations in terms of sustainability. Another important topic is diversity in the workplace. Around two-thirds believe that diversity and inclusion have become more important in the past year, and more than half would turn away from an employer who did not uphold these values. Incidentally, the younger the respondents, the higher the values.

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The "Decoding Global Talent" study is based on surveys of over 108,000 employees and job seekers in more than 190 countries in October 2020. Using a 40-question questionnaire, the participants were asked about a wide range of topics relating to the topic of "working abroad".

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