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Dealership Support at CAR FOR YOU: How sellers and buyers can benefit from the marketplace

CAR FOR YOU works very closely with car dealerships to make sure that they can offer their users a great selection and comparison of different makes and models. However, CAR FOR YOU does not blindly add dealerships to their website. It is important for them to get to know each dealership and establish a supportive business relationship. Jan Schenker, Head of Sales at CAR FOR YOU, was able to give us a peek at the inner workings of CAR FOR YOU’s dealership support and how their processes ultimately benefit not only the people who sell the cars, but the users who buy them. 

From Offline to Online 

How does a car dealership even end up on CAR FOR YOU? Dealers are contacted directly by the field or office service. During the first sales meeting, CAR FOR YOU informs the dealership about everything there is to know and how they can benefit from their presence on the platform. After the dealership has signed their contract, CAR FOR YOU will set up the interface, on which the dealership can post their car ads, and receive the login data to access the dealer portal on CAR FOR YOU. That way, the dealership can independently choose how to upload their vehicles to the platform. 

CAR FOR YOU supports the dealers in various areas of their selling process. Firstly, the dealers have the option of uploading their vehicles to the platform via an interface or entering them manually to the dealer portal. CAR FOR YOU supports manual registration with a free registration via the VIN number, which would usually require a fee on other platforms. Furthermore, the dealer can choose to have their vehicles verified by CAR FOR YOU. For the verification of the vehicles, the dealership is required to add as many details as possible to the car posting. That way, CAR FOR YOU can offer an even higher degree of transparency to its user base which in turn will increase the chances of a successful sale.

Lockdown Features that Stood the Test of Time

The past year and multiple lockdowns have hit offline purchasing especially hard, which is why CAR FOR YOU had to think and act quickly to support the dealerships on their platform as efficiently as possible. 

During the two lockdowns, CAR FOR YOU has introduced multiple features to enable a fully online purchasing experience. From video chats to view the cars to the actual sale.

Buyers can choose if they want to have a video call about the car via WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype and Zoom. That way they can get the full dealership service remotely, which allows for a lot more flexibility for both parties. The dealerships can also offer selected vehicles for sale online and therefore close a sale directly on the platform. Another feature that can promote a sale on the dealership side are paid “boosts”, which display selected ads more prominently on the CAR FOR YOU search results page.

CAR FOR YOU aims to offer both dealers and users a unique selling and purchasing experience by being different from a regular car dealership and setting themselves apart from their online competitors. But how?

How CAR FOR YOU Works Differently

Firstly, it is important to note that CAR FOR YOU is not a car dealership. They operate as a digital marketplace that enables dealerships to present themselves and sell their vehicles on their platform. CAR FOR YOU acts as an intermediary between seller and buyer and can make car dealerships a lot more visible to people who might not have found them and offer buyers a wider range and selection of cars and dealerships than they might have in their surroundings. 

CAR FOR YOU puts a lot of emphasis on transparency and security when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. A buyer can trust the platform thanks to the integrated price-check, to make sure a car is being sold at market value, verified ads, free legal protection insurance and the money-back-guarantee. For dealerships, CAR FOR YOU has an interesting success-based pricing model; The dealer only pays for its placement when they have successfully sold a vehicle through the platforms. This pricing model is currently unique in Switzerland. Additionally, CAR FOR YOU supports and guides dealerships to create the most transparent vehicle postings possible to increase the chances of a sale.

Developing Dealership Relationships

CAR FOR YOU places importance on the relationship they have with their customers. To make sure that each dealership gets appropriate service, there is a sales team of ten people who are divided between field and office sales. This branch of the company is still being developed and while the sales team is doing as much as it can, they can’t equally cover all of the dealerships yet. This is why CAR FOR YOU is working on setting up a Customer Success team who will solely be focused on supporting dealerships with technical problems on site and refer feedback to make improvements that will matter to the dealerships. 

Thank you to Jan Schenker for the insight into how CAR FOR YOU supports dealerships on their platform and how both dealers and buyers can benefit from the efforts.

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