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"No clients, no company." - an Interview with Myriam Noui, Customer Success Specialist at JobCloud

Myriam Noui, Customer Success Specialist at JobCloud talked to us about her role, how JobCloud supports their clients in perfecting their recruitment strategy and their Pay Per Performance solution.

Pay Per Performance (PPP) is a solution which allows clients a lot more flexibility when advertising different positions. They can import the job ads from their website, define a different budget for each ad and decide how much they want to invest in each job ad to publish on the PPP network (e.g. ,, Google For Jobs, Alpha etc.). Every job ad is instantly distributed to the right platforms, reaching possible candidates everywhere. 

The clients will only pay for the delivered performance and not upfront, which leaves a lot more room to play with different budgets and try different ways of targeting the right jobseekers. 

Myriam Noui will give us a deeper insight into their solutions and how she is personally involved in building and maintaining client relationships.

What does your role as Customer Success Specialist entail?

Client communication is key. My first point of contact is after a client has purchased our Pay Per Performance (PPP) product. I subsequently contact them and make sure they know who I am so I can start with their onboarding process. This includes familiarising them with our platforms and guiding them through all the steps on how to create a successful job ad that are not included in the core product.

Some of my general daily tasks also include:

  • Client onboarding and support
  • Putting the ads online and advise clients on the content of their ads
  • Help allocate the client’s ad budget
  • Help analyse market data to advise clients on ad optimisation 
  • Resolve technical issues and be in contact with the technical team
  • Coordinate and sync with the Sales team
  • Analyse and interpret client’s ad results

Our long-term goal is to position the PPP products as the future of recruitment solutions and to highlight that JobCloud is currently the only company to offer two different recruitment solutions, which fulfill all different needs. 

How does a client-relationship help companies recruit more effectively?

A company has an array of different methods at their disposal to search for candidates. Some of them are a lot less efficient than others. Newspaper ads, for instance, have a high divergence loss and free ads are usually not as customisable when it comes to target groups, so you also don’t reach the exact profiles you’re looking for. 

No clients, no company. The client is the center of our attention and is our main strength. We have to optimise our solutions and stay relevant in the recruitment’s market.

- Myriam Noui/

If a company decides to become our client and use the PPP or launch paid ads, they can do so with our help and experience. We’ll help them define proper candidate profiles and elaborate on their employer branding and company portrait. As much as a potential employee needs to fit the company, it is equally important for the company to make a great first impression on the potential candidates. 

Since we also monitor how job ads are going, we can provide clients with a proper analysis and encourage them to take steps to improve their postings. 

What size of company can benefit from client relationships with JobCloud the most?

I think for every size of company there are different benefits. We can help smaller businesses develop more effectively and help bigger companies be represented on our widely known platforms. Since every company has a different hiring strategy and process, regardless of size, we have to adapt our collaboration every time we start working with a new company. So we automatically take into account their size and their goals in terms of growth as well. 

SME can benefit from our promotions to strengthen their employer branding and direct potential candidates to their website. 

Larger, more established companies can benefit from our efficient system. Most larger companies already have recruitment tools in place, which we can complement really well. That way our platforms are used as a precise tool to find the best candidates for their job ads. 

How have you been involved in the development of the different client-based products at JobCloud?

Personally, I have been involved in two different ways: 

As a business developer for the core products, I was in charge of attracting new clients or very long-established clients who didn’t use our platform yet. I walked them through the benefits of the products and the return of investment they could benefit from. I then showed them how to use the recruitment platform on and helped them create their own ads to make them as efficient as possible. I am also always reachable if they have questions or want to make a change or review their ads. 

As a Customer Success Specialist I am now involved in the process after the sale by the Key Account Managers. I onboard our clients via video call, answering all of their questions and also learning as much about them, their industry and their needs and expectations to be able to tailor their experience to them as much as possible. I then take care of ads to make sure they perform well on our PPP platforms e.g.,,, google for jobs and many more. My role has a long-term component since it is crucial to build a trusting relationship with our clients. 

In both positions I learned a lot about client-relationship in general and how important it is for JobCloud. Our clients are important to us and we want to honor that. I am also still learning about client’s expectations and needs and think we can improve ourselves everyday. 

We thank Myriam for the interview and the insight into her role and how JobCloud operates in terms of client relationship management. 

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