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Over 50% of decision-makers want to make home office a fixed part of their workload after COVID-19

Home office working has gained massive importance and popularity due to the COVID 19 pandemic. More than 80% of employees would like to have more home office options. More than 50% of employers would like to make home office a permanent feature or allow complete flexibility. This is the result of the latest study by JobCloud ( in collaboration with Netcomm Suisse. A total of 3,124 Swiss employees and 265 employers in German- and French-speaking Switzerland were surveyed.

Clear gap between German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland for home office before COVID-19

"Although home office is becoming an increasingly popular work model and many companies are open to working from home, the potential to do so in Switzerland was not fully exploited before the Corona crisis. This is also confirmed by our latest study", says Davide Villa, CEO of JobCloud AG. The results show that before the Corona crisis, more than a quarter (26%) of the employees surveyed had no opportunity to work in a home office. For 18% this was only possible in exceptional cases. 28% of employees had complete flexibility in this regard before the pandemic and for 12% working from home was possible for a few defined days per week. When it comes to the use of home office before the Corona crisis, the "Röstigraben" is clearly noticeable: While 38% of employees in German-speaking Switzerland had complete flexibility, only 22% in French-speaking Switzerland did.

Home Office as a question of hierarchy

Prior to COVID-19, employees at higher hierarchical levels had significantly more flexible working models. At Board of Directors and Chairman/CEO level, 9 out of 10 people worked at least partly in a home office. At employee level, this was the case for just under half (48%). The possibility of working from a home office was particularly limited in assistant and secretarial functions. 46% of all respondents did not have this option.

39% of employers see increased productivity in the home office

The activity of employees in the home office is definitely appreciated by the employers. The most important factor is employee satisfaction, cited by 81% of respondents, followed by 39% who emphasize higher employee productivity and 29% who see cost reduction through infrastructure savings as a key benefit of home office. More than a quarter (28%) of employers surveyed also said they had made adjustments to internal communications as a result of home office in the COVID 19 crisis.

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